So last post I spoke about……..

My family  and the Catholic church…I don’t know if I feel like speaking about that again.  It’s  funny when it come’s  to education.  Heard a quote from Albert Einstein  I found very interesting.  “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”.

In fact if you want to hear about all his great quotes check it out.  Think about that…. lets say  you created the v6 engine.  That V6 Engine is made by man and man is imperfect and we know for sure that a v6 engine is imperfect.

So we just created a whole lot of problems with that engine, not just the engine itself but anything that was created to service the engine.  How about the oil and gas field, rubber, steel, technology, these are all major staples the US economy, hell how about the globe.

Hello My Friends! And Welcome to KBMLSE!

Welcome to our new website where we will enhance your learning ability, Through the private teaching of the catholic church.  The Catholic church what!  Yes.    I’m an outsider looking in and and slowing growing into the community of the catholic church.  Now the catholic church is ready whenever I am, but one thing I appreciated is I never feel any pressure to convert.

Where I grew up you felt segregated on Sundays because so and do went to a different church.  Hell we didn’t talk to different church members on Sunday as well.  Always felt we were competing with the same God every Sunday.  There was a red brick church, a gray cement church, we had old style brown brick etc…  We had more churches in out small town of 5,000 than we had bars or places to eat.

And God for bid if you were Catholic.  You mine as well worshiped the Devil where as was from.

As I moved from that small town and played my Football in the I eventually moved to the Kansas City area.  This is where I meant my wife and had 2 kids.

We live in the city and and belong to a catholic church and our kids go to private school.   Know we are not well off however we are willing to make the sacrifice of fancy cars or bigger homes to be able to send our kids to private school.    The funny thing is we go to school with all types of people.  Rich, young, old etc…We have young professionals that are lawyers and doctors all the way to my friend that owns .  It is such a wonderful community that I love to pay the money.  Our kids still value the foundation of our country.  From saying the Pledge of Allagiance to focusing on the structure family.  It is not only about the money you pay but also about time commitment that each family and child must make.

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